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Bowling Babydoll

Merilyn sure knows how to dress for a bowling date! A sheer, zippered white blouse over a tight bra and super-tight boy shorts that barely cover her ass cheeks. We wouldn't call this evening a strike-out...not with her! How can a guy try to bowl with a giant erection bulging in his pants? It's unfair. She planned this, trying to win. Well, you don't need to bowl anyway. Just sit at the desk, keep score and watch Merilyn bend over as she hurls those balls down the alley. Notice she's not using the proper form here. Must be those high heels. Maybe her shorts will split...if you're lucky. Running Time: 26:12...

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Dripping Wet Nipples

Merilyn's chesty treasures are concealed by her thin shirt. But such delights must not be concealed for too long, or frustration will kick in. She pops her twin props from under the shirt and juggles them, squeezing and rubbing her breast-flesh. After long, enjoyable minutes of this, she puts them back under her shirt. Our fearless photographer squirts her shirt with oil, making the cotton fabric translucent and her boobs visible. Merilyn removes her top completely. She begs for her breasts to be touched. A disembodied hand enters the picture to feel up and pleasure her enormous tits. Merilyn gets so hot, she needs to turn on the shower head...

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A Day With Merilyn Part Two

Part two of A Day With Merilyn begins with a recap of part one's events. Having had a nutritious breakfast, Merilyn's energy levels are high. She could use an orgasm or two to start the day. Getting up from the breakfast table, a semi-nude Merilyn walks over to the couch, lies down and fingers her bushy pussy and stimulates her nipples. She really gets into it in different positions. Charged up from her orgasmic ecstasy, Merilyn dresses and leaves the apartment to go to a few stores. When she returns, she peels out of her skintight sweater and blue jeans. Merilyn wants to play a CD she's bought. We are treated to the delightful spectacle of...

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