Meet The New Boss

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Meet The New Boss

So you're called into the new manager's office. Her name is Merilyn. They say she can spit lava if an employee does something she doesn't like. Her nickname is The Volcano. Maybe you'd just better stay calm and assured once you sit in her office. Don't start sweating. Then again, one minute after you enter her office, she's feeling the fabric of her see-through blouse. Maybe this won't be so bad. Maybe they made a mistake calling her The Volcano. Maybe they meant The Volcanos...because this babe's got two explosive twin peaks. This could be your lucky day. Maybe the boss has been misjudged. There might be a lot of benefits working under her. Read More »
Featuring: Merilyn Sakova
Duration: 17:39

Member Comments

2 years ago 

I spent all night with Merilyn. Stroking to that amazing body and insane tits. Thank God for Score . I could hook up with some chick tonight.but would rather play with this big juicy cock for her. Thank you baby I know you love all the score guys all over the world enjoying your delicious body . I stroked all night to all her scenes. Beautiful long stoned out big dick and oil sessions.merylin you are one of the most amazing woman to ever exist . It's been our Score pleasure to have you forever in perfect shape . Immortal goddess of boobs . We love you babe ????????????

5 years ago 

If Merilyn was my boss i would never miss a day of work. A man can dream though.

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